Independence Day: Okada Riders In Makurdi Protest Impossed #5,000 By BIRS

Protesting hit Makurdi as BIRS demand okada riders to pay the sum of #5000 as a fee for driving license.

The Association of Motorcycle Riders ( Popular known as Okada riders) In Makurdi the Benue State Capital earlier hours of today 1st October, 2019 embark on a peaceful protest in Makurdi.

When consulted, one of the okada riders informed me that they were carrying out the protest against hink increased in their taxes and the recent demand by the chairman of the Benue Internal Revenue Services Mr. Andrew Ayabam to pay the sum of #5000 as fee for driving license.

In further interrogation to find out if either Alh. Abubakar Tsav or APC are behind the scene but, the protesting Okada riders uprigtly told me that nobody was behind their protest.

By Comrade Aben Isaac Vershima

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