Courage is simply defined as the ability and willingness to confront fear, pain, danger, uncertainty or intimidation.

Courage is not the absence of threats but the willingness to move on, despite the threats. There’s a measure of courage in anyone that dares to join Nigeria politics but levels differ.
It is common to use courage to qualify many successful people but I do not buy such flattery; not all successful people are courageous. It is wrong to describe anyone as courageous politician or leader without defining moments.

Having a voice where others have their way takes courage; the majority sure carry the vote but the minority got a voice. Not flowing with the tides, not submitting to tyranny and contesting against the powers that be are courageous moves. It’s only a very courageous man that stands for something, even if he has to stand alone. A revolutionary leader must be very courageous because it takes strong political will to midwife the desired positive changes and change the status quo.

HE Peter Obi readily comes to mind when talking about VERY courageous and servant leader.

Sometimes, very courageous people are boastful and arrogant but Dr Godwin O Maduka is a servant leader.

Ladies and gentlemen, great people of Anambra state,

I present a very courageous politician, an humble soul and someone with a big heart to you; Dr Godwin O Maduka.

Dr. Godwin Maduka is a member of the Nevada State Society of Anesthesiologists, theAmericanPharmacists Association, and the American Society of Anesthesiologists.

He is a philanthropist and has transformed Umuchukwu Community in Orumba South Local Government Area of Anambra state to a modern city.

Umuchukwu in Orumba south Local Government Area of Anambra
State, formerly known as Nkerefi was hitherto known as one ofthe backward and remote communities in the state, as it was
totally bereft of any meaningful government attention, even to
the extent that about 90 percent of Anambra Stare people had
never heard about the community.
Because of the growing poverty and absence of opportunities, the
community was high in criminality,

But all these negative attributes were changed by one of their illustrious sons, DR. GODWIN MADUKA, through his
foundation he sets up some years ago, brought projects to the community.

When DR. GODWIN MADUKA’s foundation visited the then
Governor Peter Obi at Government House Awka, with the pathetic story of the deplorable state of their roads in Umuchukwu, they
had elected to bear 50 percent cost of the construction of the roads.

This moved the then Governor Peter Obi who visited the
community himself and was overwhelmed by what he saw, and
then promised that the Anambra State Government would take over the responsibility of those roads.

The former Governor of the State, Mr. Peter Obi, had to
construct two roads connecting Umuchukwu and other
neighbouring communities.

1) Two churches, one each for the Anglicans and
(2) Built Trinity Hospital and Maternity.
(3) Over 100 standard houses for widows and the poor in
the area.
(4)Built Immaculate Conception International College 1and 2 , with buses donated to them.
(5)He built a police station for security.
(6) He built a magistrate court.
(7) A standard market called (Afor Market), .
(8) Built barracks for the Civil Defense staff,
(9) Built two monasteries for churches.
(10) Built community centre (Community Hall and his
own Village Hall).
(11) Built, post office.
(12) Built a state high court.
(13) Provided transformers to boost electricity in the community.
(14) Built mighty edifices for primary and secondary
(15) Built a palace for the monarch, civic centre,.
(16)Built houses for clerics of Catholic and Anglican
churches, among others.
(17) Built Five star hotel known as Lion of Africa resort.
(18)The 15 storey tall building is part of the World class International standard Hospital / Health research institute (which will serve as the destination of all health matters in
Africa, since it will be the biggest and the best of it kind in
African soil).

DR. GODWIN MADUKA is not the richest man in Africa, but he is the richest in Heart.

An overly excited native was quick to state:
“Today, there is no more thatched house in the community.

DR.GODWIN MADUKA has replaced every thatched house in the area with three or four bedroom bungalows.”

About 100 of such buildings were rebuilt. They belong to the indigent natives, especially widows.

All such buildings carry green
roofing aluminium zincs for easy identification.
To help fortify security in Umuchukwu,

built four two-storey buildings for police stations, complemented
it with a bungalow as officers’ mess, and another structure to
serve as operational base for the men of the Special Anti-
Robbery Squad (SARS) which he donated to the Nigeria Police.

He also built headquarters for the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC).
He sponsored hundreds of students
from his community, and has also helped to get them jobs.

He built Vocational center for those who want to learn handiwork.

DR. GODWIN MADUKA vowed to make his community look good, like Las Vegas in USA, before he will finally come home to settle.

My prayer is that Igbo people … Anambra people , your illustrious son will serve you with all courage and humility.
He is so passionate about his state Anambra .

He’s courageous enough to change the status quo, humble enough to patronise the political stakeholders and visionary enough to midwife the much desired positive changes.

This is not someone that will start a sacrificial project, after the people have suffered unduly, abandon it because of the prospect of second term.

Only a very courageous young man can dare to contest against the customary army of retirees in Anambra state.

It really takes great courage to go about his intention in this unusual manner.


Omolara Abiodun Popoola

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