Desperation of Buhari & APC to tenaciously hold on to power stinks to high heaven | Fabiyi | TalkamNews

It is no more news that Buhari and his Party will do anything under the heaven to remain in power even as it is obvious the leadership lacks all it takes to provide good governance.
Their desperation stinks to the high heavens as can be seen in their everyday activities.

The judgement of the Court of Appeal, the planned devilish incursion into the appointment of new judges of the Supreme Court, the use of security and anti graft agencies to intimidate, harass and frame up seeming members of the opposition and civil society groups, flagrant disregard for the rule of law and so on, are clear indication of this heinous desperation.

The judgement of the Justice Mohammed Garba led Presidential election petition tribunal has received more back lash and condemnation than any court judgement in the history of our country. It is sad when Judgement are given to satisfy the thirst of a man who want to hold on to power at all cost, but overloooking the overall negative effects the judgment may have on the present and future of our nation.

The judiciary have clearly told the world that the interest of one man ( Buhari) is bigger than the law and principles of the institution that is expected to be the last hope of the common man.

The actors in Buhari’s Government see Atiku Abubakar as one who would and should never be Nigeria President, they see Nigeria as a country that must remain in perpetual darkness of poverty and insecurity, underdeveloped and anguish, to them that is what the best of governance means.

They see Nigerians as a people that must never enjoy the dividends of good governance but must remain in constant physical and emotional suffering, pains and torture, to them that is when a government is doing very well.

As Nigerians are hoping on the Supreme Court to overturn the reckless and ridiculous judgement of the Court of Appeal, PEPT, we must as a people refuse to be cowed and intimidated by the agencies of government that have been mandated to run down our nation.

We must constantly remind our respected Judges that whatever decision they take or make must surely affect either rightly or wrongly the future of their children and unborn generation.

~ Fabiyi Oladimeji

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