Better Nigerian Group speaks on murdering Nigerian Democracy – TalkamNews

Murder! Murder!! Murder!!! Nigeria Judiciary, murderer of Nigerian Democracy: By Better Nigeria Group.

The Better Nigeria Group, a Pressure Group in Nigeria has condemned in strongest terms and rejected the judgement delivered by the Court of Appeal Presidential Election Petition Tribunal led by Justice GARBA. The group in a media release made available to our correspondents described the judgement as not only wishy washy but also confirmed what many Nigerians have expected will be the outcome of the judgement from a panel of Buhari serving and courage less judges.

The Nigerian judiciary have once again murdered our hard earned democracy, ridiculed our nation in the eyes of the world and failed to improve our electoral jurisprudence , this is very sad indeed.

No doubt, this is the worst Presidential election tribunal judgement in the history of our country.

The judgement has thrown the entire country in a mourning mood since the pronouncement was made, because Nigerians know the country will be further worse for it should Buhari continues in the next four years.

We call on all Nigerians to stand up and reject this ridiculous and shameful judgement, we also enjoin the peoples President, Atiku Abubakar to challenge the charade called judgement in the supreme court.

The BNG uses this opportunity to salute the courage and sagacity of Atiku Abubakar, we stand by him at all times.
Justice GARBA and the gang will go down in history as the murderer of our hard earn democracy and electoral system.


Better Nigeria Group (BNG)

By Popoola Olatunbosun Paul

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