Expect the best from our judiciary, but don’t stop talking – Fabiyi

At the submission and adoption of the final written address by team of Lawyers from all parties today at the Court of Appeal, there were mixed feelings in the minds of Nigerians. They believe that Atiku has defended his case beyond reasonable doubt taking from the evidences starring both the respondents and their Lordships in the face.

But there are fears and expression of doubts as to whether their Lordships will have the courage to serve justice. Some are of the opinion and conviction that Atiku /PDP has defended their cases very well and convincing enough on all sides of the law and procedures for the court to grant the reliefs of the petitioners.

But one thing that has been so
long established in the hearts of Nigerians is their inability to TRUST the Judiciary, they are bothered about political and technical judgements that have been the trend from our courts in this dispensation.

To majority of Nigerians, it’s a case of Stolen mandate, very clear, and the facts presented by the Atiku/PDP lawyers speak for themselves .

It is also their avowed believe that this case has presented an ample opportunity for the judiciary not only to redeem its badly battered image, but to also rewrite its name in gold and restore its values.

Nigerians believe it shouldn’t be about one man who today is the President but about our Nation and it’s future.

The judiciary and the Justices must also realize that the future of their children, grand children, and great great grand children are equally at stake, should they deliver judgements filled with politics, sentiments and technicalities.

From this moment on, Nigerians must continue to talk, they must speak very loud and clear, that their expectations of our judiciary is one that delivers judgement on its merit, dispense judgement that will restore hope, trust , advance, and enrich our democracy and electoral system.

Nigeria people should pray and hope for the best , as this is a defining moment for our country. I assure you, that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

~Fabiyi Oladimeji

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