OPINION: Nigerian Judiciary as the Surgeon to fix Nigeria broken parts… Fabiyi

Fellow Nigerians :

As we celebrate the Eid – el Kabir which signifies strong faith. and sacrifices. I think our Judiciary should be reminded to Note that:

There is no doubt our nation is at a crossroads where we need as a matter of urgency to reset the order.

Nigeria is at a point where we need a clinical surgical operations to fix the broken parts. But to fix, will require courageous, deliberate, decisive and determined efforts.

It is very obvious that our Nation is presently and unfortunately being driven and governed by accidental leadership that is just not inept, but covered in heavy garment of multiple incompetences but under illusion that they are the best for our country.

But I find our judiciary as that much needed surgeon to fix the broken parts of Nigeria.

At this moment, in order to fix our challenges of insecurity, economy, political & electoral, unemployment, development and good governance , our judiciary is the much needed physician.

The ongoing Presidential election petition tribunal at the court of Appeal have provided another opportunity for Nigeria to reset the orders.

Nigerians spoke very loudly through the 2019 general elections especially Presidential where they massively voted against the incumbent , but the victory was not to be declared as the incumbent held tenaciously to power through massive rigging against the wishes of Nigerians.

I must say that the outcome of this tribunal will DEFINE our judiciary and our Nation.

Our Judiciary should therefore, be reminded that two things will happen should a judgement not based on merit of the case is given :

1. That our judiciary will lose its face, trust among Nigerians and be ridiculed in the eyes of International communities.

2. It will mean that the Judiciary is telling Nigerians that Gen. Buhari is above the law, simply because he is the President.

3. Reducing our future election to theatre of “WAR” by this I mean
our elections from 2023 will now be “WAR” knowing ful well that as a candidate if you are cheated in an election you can NEVER get justice in our courts.

Therefore, parties and candidates will rather kill each other at the polls to be declared winner, then bloodsheds, killings, harrsment and all vices will take over our electoral process.

I think our judiciary should be reminded that the implication of their action or inaction on the various Election petition will have a dire consequences on our Nation at the long run.

It is my opinion that our judiciary rises up to the occasion, be courageous, determined and live up to its avowed role as the last hope of the common man.

Finally, our Judiciary must realize that this is not the time for Political or Technical judgement. They must be responsible.

The actions , display of arrogance and responses of the respondents lawyers in the ongoing PEPT during the hearing have shown their reliance and expectation of the courts to do the job for them.

Furthermore, the Judiciary must not make it an affair of one man because he is the President.

The judiciary must realize it’s all about our country and her citizens not even because of any single individual.

Judiciary should help Nigeria fix her broken pieces.

Thank you

~ Fabiyi Oladimeji


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