Harassment and intimidation of Atiku’s family and business associates will not stop recliaming of nigerians mandate – Turaki Vanguard

Harassment and intimidation of Atiku’s family and business associates will not stop the reclaiming of Nigerians mandate: Turaki Vanguard

Turaki Vanguard, the oldest support group of His Excellency Atiku Abubakar in its press Statement signed by the National President of the body on Friday evening condemned the incessant harassment and intimidation of its founder and Leader Atiku Abubakar, by the arrest and trial of his long standing lawyer Barr. Uyi Giwa Osagie and son in-law Alh. Abdullahi Babalele.

The group maintained that it is becoming worrisome the manner in which Gen. Buhari is attacking Atiku’s Family and businesses just to force him to submission and abandoned his case at the tribunal.

It is very obvious that the Government of Buhari has forgotten that the case at the tribunal is beyond Atiku and even Buhari himself, it is about the future of our citizens and our country.

We are seriously concerned about the constant and sustained attack by the government of Gen. Buhari on Atiku in a manner that suggests the fear and jittery of the APC / Buhari led government. The frivolities of their claims and charges are extremely disgusting and have no place both in moral and legal space.

We are indeed very worried that the government of Buhari is using the instrumentality of government to justify illegality from after being falsely accused of forming an alternate Presidency to committing imaginary felony that holds no ground and meaning at the end of the day, this one will also go the way of others , but if things continue like this, the country is on its way to obvious anarchy. I assure you Nigerians will resist it with every strength in us.

We advise the Government of Gen Buhari to thread with caution even in their eternal search for unfounded , non existent and ridiculous reasons to implicate Atiku.

We will not rest until our stolen mandate and future is reclaimed from Buhari. Let me remind Gen Buhari and his party that our founder and Leader, Atiku Abubakar is a true Nigerian, law abiding, strong advocate of a peaceful, United and progressive Nigeria, a Democrat’s per excellence, successful businessman with confirmed international network therefore Atiku can never be cowed into submission of popular mandate by harassment or intimidation of any form.

Thank you.


National President

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