APC has lost touch with Reality | Turaki

The oldest and biggest support group of His Excellency Atiku Abubakar, Turaki Vanguard in a statement signed by the National President of the group Fabiyi Oladimeji on Wednesday says that the APC is suffering from dementia for alleging and accusing Atiku Abubakar of felony.

The National President of the topmost support group of His Excellency Atiku Abubakar maintained that it is laughable to be threatening the caliber of Atiku with arrest and trial for felony, by saying this means that, the APC has lost touch with reality and very jittery, the party has exposed its frustration and vulnerability to the world.

The National President further stressed that any attempt to rope Atiku in any ridiculous and illegal accusation, allegation, or charges will spell doom for this country. He said the APC knew their days are numbered in government, they know Nigerians are tired and disgust about the leadership the APC government is giving Nigeria.

We will not allow their shenanigans, incompetence and recklessness to continue driving Nigeria into the abyss.
The APC should be reminded that Atiku Abubakar is an international figure, international businessman, successful Politician and a former Vice President for that matter, he has never spoken in a diplomatic nature ,he makes personal statement commensurate to his position , he enjoys freedom of speech under our constitution. why should anyone sensible then begin to threaten Atiku with felony. It will not stand and any move to rub in the madness, will meet fierce resistance from Nigerians. Where were they when Atiku was making statements in their favor, just yesterday at the court of Appeal tribunal in their defense, they brought out Atiku’s congratulatory message to Gen. Buhari after the 2014 APC Presidential Primaries to support their case. *This is why I find them demential* said the National President.

I don’t know when it has become crime in Nigeria for anyone to congratulate anybody, it is childish of the APC to feel so disturbed that Atiku congratulated the new British Prime Minister and the other young lady that was appointed into his cabinet. I ask the APC and Gen. Buhari if the they know the kind of relationship that exist between these two British leaders and Atiku.
President Buhari should call the APC to order, it is on records the PDP has never accused him of committing felony while outside the government, even as it was obvious and on records many divisive statements he made at all times.
He should realize that the image of his government and party is on speedy down ward trend and as such should not allow his party to further sink his ship that is already catapulting into the bottom of the ocean.


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