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(must read for all single ladies)It is very unfortunate today that a lot of single ladies out there are finding it very difficult to find a better man. Similar reason several relationships built on sacrifice, love and trust collapse owing to the recent nurtured mentality single ladies carry.

Relationships today is based on benefits. Some see it as an opportunity-fair, and avenue for making profits and living thereof.Is it that true love is no where to be found or single ladies just not interested in it again? Please answer that on the comment box below.

I believe in love and still know it exists but until we do away with the relish behavior and mentality of a woman needing a man to survive, a man needing a woman to survive, we can’t find Love.

What is Love?

Love is priceless, it’s selfless, that strong deep feeling of affection that covers all weaknesses. It can’t be found when you are out for a benefit.Ladies find it very hard to build a serious relationship this days that can possibly lead to marriage but see’s every man coming their way as coming for sex.

I’m not blind to the fact that a lot of guys out there are displaying their prying attitude wanting to lay every girl they see.But then, still very high number looking for true love, care, trust and affection. Looking for that one lady who will lock the puzzle in his heart and See’s you but that mentality of he is coming for sex and you have to get something from him in return all crippled the search and you never see them again.

It pricks my heart the way ladies responds to guys especially on social media. Probably a guy heard about you from a friend or around and is interested in you but you see him as (other men), starts making unnecessary demands. Someone you just met within 30 minutes you already have unending problems.” I am out of data, out of airtime, out of gas”, now he is like What! Wrong person again. Diplomatically he disappears and you are happy he is gone you won!

Please understand me, I am not saying it is bad for a man to take proper care of his woman but what am trying to say is it’s all in stages. Don’t jump to conclusion without finding out what he really wants.Build friendship, trust, love, above all mutual understanding.

Trust me even if that devil came to steal, he will end up confessing.No man wants a liability. If all you do is nag and make unnecessary demands he will provide for you, use and dump you. That’s if he is out for games.

Real men will go away and never come by.Same reason why you won’t smile at if another lady do same to your brother or relation avoid doing to others.

In all of this, ladies, you won’t know what’s in the book until you read it. Some good books passes through many hands and looks very rough and dirty if you don’t open it to read you will never find it’s uniqueness and importance.

Not all men are after sex. This is the believe Satan is using to destroy marital destinies. Love is real, it can be found anywhere, by anyone that desires it. Life is too short to settle down with someone you are not proud of.

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Thanks for reading.

By: Augustine Simon

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